Kelly and Paul have now got two rooms, one is based in A&E and the other is on the children's ward at Leighton Hospital. They are both good sized rooms,  we are hoping to get enough money to decorate them. One of the rooms needs new flooring, plumbing so we can have a sink in the room, blinds, sofas that recline so parents can sleep over, and painting. The other room just needs furniture and decorating. We hope to provide the best furniture for the rooms so that we can create a comfortable enviroment for parents and their families. The most important objects will be the cold cots.
 The cold cot keeps the child cool so that parents can spend vital time with their child to say good bye, even staying over night if they wish to. Each cold cot costs about £2280 each we are going to buy two of these. One of  the cots will stay in the room and one can be used to hire out so if parents wish they can take it home to spend time with their baby.