Thursday, 17 February 2011

This is a little bit about my life.......

I was born into this world on the 30th of July 2009.  I was in such a rush i arrived on my nanny's living room floor at night ( my Mummy just couldn't wait to see me). As you can all imagine this caused alot of excitement for everyone !!

I have a big sister ( who i love to watch playing) her name is ruby. She loved to play with me, especially putting me in her dolls pram!!! and getting in my cot in the mornings. I also have alot of cousins who loved to chase me around and get me squealing.

I was always happy and loved to laugh and play, especially when i could help my mummy clean up' in the end she even got me my own dust pan and brush!  My most favorite thing to do was to eat !and i loved having something in my hand, in fact i liked to have something in both hands! I wasn't mean and always shared even if it was soggy!! he he!!

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