Thursday, 6 October 2011


This is the room located on A&E. The room is spilt in two, so one room (which is the pictures at the top) will be used to spend time with your loved one and the other room will have chairs in and a coffee machine and will be used to have interviews or for family to talk in.
The rooms are going to be decorated the same, they will both have cloud wall paper just on one wall and will be painted in a light blue. The floor will reflected the wall paper and will be blue and have a cloud in the centre off it, with a sparkling effect. There is a window in the first part of the room which we are going to have  stained glass in maybe a picture of an angel. The lighting in this room will be LED lighting and will reflect the stars at night. Both rooms will have sound proff doors in them so they are completely private from the outside world.
The furnishing will be comfortable, with a sofa in the first room and chairs in the second. There will also be music in the rooms if families wish to have it on. The cold cot will be located in the first room in the event off a child's bereavement.
This room will be used for children and adults who have gone to join the angels, and I hope will provide their families with a special place in which they can say their goodbyes.  
This room i am going over to Leighton hospital some time in the next month and will be having a meeting in which we will be picking furniture and stetting a date for work to start.

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  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful baby boy x x x x x